Merseytravel Journey Planner

The Merseytravel IOS (Apple) journey planner app provides timetable and map information for all public transport providers across Merseyside.

It provides door to door journey plans for trains, buses, and ferry services as well as scheduled departures from a specific location.

The app allows you to plan journeys for now and any time in the future.

Features include:

How to use the Journey Planner

Trips : How do I get from A to B?

Tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen to show the list of journey planner functions.

Journey Planner Functions

Tap Trips to start your journey plan.

Start your Journey Plan

Tap the 'from' box.

When prompted, enter the start point of your journey (postcode, street name, place of interest etc.)

Suggested locations which best match your origin will be listed.

Choose the start point of your journey from the locations listed.

The type of location is denoted by icons.

Suggested Locations

Tap the 'to' box.

When prompted, enter the end point of your journey (postcode, street name, place of interest etc.)

Suggested locations which best match your destination will be listed.

Choose the end point of your journey from the locations listed.

Once you have selected your destination, an overview of all possible journey options will be displayed.

Journey Overview

To change the date or time that you want to start your journey or the time at which you want to arrive at your destination, tap the bar which reads Depart now.

Change Date or Time

Scroll through to select the date and time of departure or arrival.

Tap Done.

Alternatively, tap 'Depart Now' to select the current time and tap 'Done'.

Select New Date and Time

Tap a journey plan which best suits your needs based on departure time, arrival time, journey length, mode of transport.

The screen will then show the details of how to get from the start point of your trip to the end point of your trip.

Select Journey

Tap the arrow below each step of the journey to show more information, for example detailed walking route and bus stops served.

Journey Steps

Tap on each part of your plan to show the options to display the trip on a map, to search for trips which do not use the bus or rail service shown and to download the bus timetable leaflet.

Step Detail

If real time data is available, departures will show as green for services running on-time or red if the service is running late.

The scheduled time of the service will be displayed next to 'According to timetable'.

Real Time Data

To plan your return journey, tap the back button to return to the overview page of your journey plan.

Tap the return journey icon and an overview of all possible return trips will be displayed for you to choose from.

Return Journey

Trips which you have made are stored in the app and are listed on screen as you begin each new journey plan, so that you can quickly and easily choose a trip which you have planned before.

Each trip has a star on the right hand side of the screen.

Tap the star to make the trip one of your favourites and the trip will be positioned at the top of your list of previously planned trips.

Tap and hold any trip and swipe left to delete the trip from your history.

Trip History

Tap the menu button on the right hand side of the top header bar if you want to share the journey plan.

Choose your preferred way to share your journey plan, e.g. email, WhatsApp, text message.

You can also import the journey plan as a calendar entry in your calendar.

Share Trip

Trips : How to customise your journey plan

When you download the Journey Planner app, the default settings are automatically loaded.

You can customise the settings to your specific journey and personal requirements at any time.

The settings you select will change the result of your journey plan search.

You can access settings in three ways:

  • Tap 'Settings' icon in the app menus
  • On the Trips or Overview page, tap the 'Settings' bar
  • Tap the 'Settings' icon  Settings Icon  in the top right of the screen

Settings in Apps Menus
Settings Bar


Use this section to choose your preferred route type - fastest journey, least changes or least walking:

Allowed Means of Transport

Slide the button to include or exclude the means of transport you want to use.

Route Type


Use this section to change your walking speed settings.

Use the 'Maximum walk time' to choose the maximum amount of time you would prefer to walk at the start or end of the journey or in between journey steps.

The 'Maximum walk time' duration is taken into account when the 'Alternative stops' button is ticked.

If you are travelling from a bus stop and prefer not to walk to a nearby stop even if it would enable a quicker or easier journey, remove the tick in the 'Alternative stops' check box.

In some instances this might result in journeys with many more interchanges, sometimes sending you in what may appear to be the wrong direction, so only use this if you really intend to go from the stop you selected.

Footwalk Options


Use this section to alter the accessibility settings by pressing the check boxes for using or not using stairs, escalators or lifts.

Mobility Options

My Departures

This gives you quick access to two personalised destinations and will plan a trip from your current location.

My Departures Overview

Tap the edit button to choose your personalised destination and to rename 'Home' and 'Work' to your chosen destination (e.g. Mum's, Dentist, College etc.).

Edit Personalised Destination

Once the destinations are set, these quick access trips will give you a journey plan from your current location to whichever destination is selected (selection is made by tapping on it).

Tap the destination and screen will show see your next available journey plans.

Available Journey Plans

Departure Board

Tap Departures if you wish to find the departure information from either a specified location or your current location.

Departure board details will be displayed for bus stops and rail stations near your chosen location.

Departure Board

Tap From to type in your departure point, or tap one of the locations from the list of previous places from which you have planned a trip.

Tap Map to choose your current location or to choose a departure point from the map.

Tap Depart to show your list of departures.

Departure Board Departures
Departure Board Map

Departure times from your chosen location are displayed along the left hand side of the screen.

Green and red times means that the times given are real time.

Red text means that your bus is running late.

'According to timetable' is the time your service was meant to arrive.

Green text shows that your bus is on time.

Black text means that real time is not available and therefore the time showing is the scheduled time.

Real time departures can change as traffic conditions change, tap the refresh button in the Depart now header to update the information displayed.

Departure Times

Departure points which you have used are stored in the app and are listed on screen as you begin each new departure enquiry, so that you can quickly and easily choose a departure point which you have used before.

Each departure has a star on the right hand side of the screen.

Tap the star to make the departure point one of you favourites and the departure will be positioned at the top of you list of previously used stops/stations.

Departure History

Tap and hold any departure point and swipe left to delete it from your history.


Tap Disruptions to find out about all disruptions and diversions which are affecting the local public transport network.


Disruptions affecting a section of your planned trip will appear as an alert triangle underneath the affected service.

Disruption Triangle
Disruption Triangle Menu

Tap the alert triangle and select More information to display the detail of how your journey is affected.

Disruption Details

 Report Stop Issue

Tap Report Stop Issue to email Merseytravel any damage to a bus stop or shelter and to report missing or damaged timetable posters.

Report Stop Issue


What are the main features of the map?

The main purpose of the map is to display journey routes to help you with your journey.

The more you zoom in, the more detail you will see, such as bus stops.

You can tap a bus stop on the map to see departure information for that stop.

You can tap a Point of Interest (POI) such as a school on the map to see what it is.

The map can also be used to plan your journey.

How wo I use the map?

Tap on the downwards facing arrow below the yellow bar at the top of the screen to display the map.

Display Map

Tap the upwards facing arrow at the bottom of the screen to minimise the map.

Minimise Map

You can scroll left, right, up and down on the map, and also to zoom in and out.

The more you zoom in, the more detail you will see, such as street names, bus stops, Points of Interest (POI) such as doctors, schools etc.

Map Zoom

What can I do with the map?

You can use the map to plan a journey by pressing on it for 1-2 seconds and choosing one of the options that pop up - departure point, origin or destination.

If you have not zoomed in enough, the journey planner may not choose the right area, so make sure you are at the right zoom level.

To change what has been selected, repeat the process above.

Map symbols

Map Symbols

General FAQs

What is the Journey Planner?

Merseytravel's journey planner is a web based tool to help you plan journeys by public transport.

You can use the 'Settings' menu to choose your preferred modes of travel, times of departure or arrival, walking distances and any mobility restrictions.

The journey planner also features an interactive map to show your route from start to finish.

How is the Merseytravel Journey Planner different to the North West Traveline Journey Planner?

The Merseytravel journey planner provides information for all licenced public transport services available in the Merseyside region (Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton, St. Helens and Wirral).

  • It offers trip options for the following means of transport - bus, coach, ferry and train.
  • You can create a journey plan based on your current location, an address, a post code, a street name, a bus stop or a point of interest.
  • You can select your preferred route type - fastest route, least walking or least changes.
  • You can select your walking speed between stops and between your origin and destination.
  • You can add in any mobility restrictions - use of stairs, escalators or lifts.
  • You can use the option to walk to an alternative stop at the start or end of the journey if it offers a better journey option.
  • Real time bus information will be displayed when available.
  • The 'Departures' feature enables you to see scheduled and real time information (where available) for your location or a specified stop.

What advanced features does the Journey Planner provide?

The journey planner will offer a few suggestions for trips based on the settings provided (e.g. quickest route, prefer not to use the train).

It will provide an overview of each suggestion that you can open and see the detailed steps of that particular journey.

You will be able to use the map to zoom in and out to see the overview and detailed steps of the trips suggested.

When available, real time information will be displayed alongside the timetable information.

The Departures feature enables you to see the next bus or rail departures from your current location or a specified stop or station.

My Departures gives you quick access to two personalised destinations and will plan a trip from your current location.

What are the default settings?

The journey planner will calculate trip plans based on the default settings below until you make a change to them via the 'Settings' menu.

  • Depart at the current date and time
  • The fastest route is selected
  • Travel via all modes of transport
  • Walking speed of 'normal' (4km/hour)
  • Max walking time of 20 minutes
  • Allow walk to alternative stops
  • No restrictions to use of stairs, lifts or escalators

What can I use as the start and end points of the journey?

The journey planner will search for bus and rail stops, post codes, addresses or points of interest (POI).

It will also search using the current location option if you tap the button.

POI information available includes hospitals, tourist attractions, sports arenas etc., and is updated twice a year.

How far in advance can I plan a journey?

The journey planner allows you to plan a journey some months in advance, however, as bus operators change timetables on a regular basis, please always check the journey plan again nearer the time of travel in case any changes have been made.

What happens if the results don't match what I expected?

The journey planner uses all the settings to calculate the journeys that match your requirements (e.g. mode of transport, departure time and maximum walking time).

If the journey planner can't find trips that match the criteria exactly, it will try and find a best match and sometimes trips may not seem to be the most logical.

In these instances you may wish to alter the settings such as the allow walk to alternative stops.

Sometimes it may be quicker to travel by two buses than by a direct bus, especially if the real time feed shows that the direct bus is running late.

How can I change the journey plan or see other options if the first results don't match what I expect?

You can tap on the 'Earlier' or 'Later' buttons to see earlier or later trips with the same settings, or you can change the settings via the 'Settings' menu.

Alternatively, you could consider reviewing the origin or destination.

It is worth reviewing the 'allow walk to alternative stops' setting in conjunction with the maximum walking time if you have chosen to travel from a bus stop (red circle) - the option must be ticked for the journey planner to consider trips that call at nearby stops.

Can I plan a cycle journey?

We are unable to offer this facility at the moment.

The option to walk will be offered for shorter trips, taking into account the maximum amount of time you have specified in the settings.

How accurate are the walking times?

The walking times may be slightly faster or slower than reality and are approximate times only.

They are calculated from the walking speed you select in the 'Settings' menu and from a suggested route to walk.

In reality you may choose a different route which may be quicker or slower, or there may be footpaths missing from the journey planner.

If you notice any missing footpaths or the walking route suggested is via a blocked footpath or there is a much easier route, please let us know via email to Comments@Merseytravel.gov.uk.

Can I use the map to plan a journey?

Yes, you can use the map to plan a journey.

Please use the zoom facility to make sure that the correct place on the map is selected.

Tap and hold the place you wish to start/end your journey and choose the option that pops up.

If you tap the wrong location by accident, start again by pressing the map in the right location and repeat the process.

How is my use of the Journey Planner tracked?

The journey planner site uses temporary cookies for internal tracking purposes to improve your customer experience.

We do not collect or retain any information related to any users.

Can I send a journey plan to others who don't have the app installed?

Yes, you can tap the 'Share' button on the top yellow header and send it to them by email, SMS (if using a mobile phone) or WhatsApp (if WhatsApp is installed).

You can also import a journey plan to your calendar.

To send it by an email, tap 'Via email'.

This will present you with options based on what you have installed on your device, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Dropbox, Bluetooth.

Can I download a timetable?

Yes, from the journey plan detail, you can tap on a bus or train and tap 'Download Timetable'.

This will download a pdf copy of the timetable. You can also view the route on the map, or show the stops that the bus or train will call at along your route.

Why is the journey planner sometimes slow to respond?

The journey planner runs some complex calculations and communicates between our servers and your internet or mobile network at various stages in the journey planning process which can affect response times.

Information, Comments & Feedback

Tap 'Info' if you wish to find information about the app or to contact us for any reason.

You can contact us easily via the 'Email' button on this page or simply click here to contact our feedback team.

Please note that if you are commenting on services provided by a third party operator or supplier, we will pass your details and comments on to them for a response.

We aim to acknowledge your comments within two working days and provide a full response within 21 working days.


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